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Benefits Planning

When taking on a new client, we do an audit on all the data provided to assess the current benefits plan. We aim to maximize what is at hand, and look for places where we can cut costs and increase savings. On average, we discover ways to cut at least 20% of overall spending right from the outset, leading to millions of dollars in savings for our clients.

We then work with you to build a custom benefits plan that best fits your team and business. The plan includes both Core Benefits (ie. medical advocacy, health insurance), and Enhanced /Voluntary Benefits.

We focus on the needs and expectations of your company and your team. Our approach keeps your entire team’s objectives in line with yours, and results in the best coverage, cost-effective pricing, and a combination of programs that minimize risk and maximize health for your organization.

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Employee Communication and Education

At Evergreen, we offer you and your employees something extremely valuable – transparency in healthcare and insurance options. We help educate your employees on the benefits available to them, and we guide them to make clear, informed decisions based on data and concrete information.

We take the time to get to know your employees, find out more about how they use their benefits, what their unique preferences are, etc. We then create a targeted benefits plan tailored to your employees’ specific needs. Open communication, transparency, and clear, data-driven guidance are the reasons so many businesses choose Evergreen to consult with on employee benefits.

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Wellness and Advocacy

Many people today have access to healthcare, but  with limited knowledge of the quality, reliability and cost of the services they are buying. At Evergreen, we provide the equivalent of a medical concierge service to our clients. Our team helps educate your employees on the availability of various medical resources, like telehealth. As a company, Evergreen has over 50 million access points in the medical field to help our clients’ employees access the best possible care. The all-inclusive Evergreen benefits app contains a wealth of information for employers and employees alike. 

By educating your employees on their healthcare options and providing them with important, potentially life-saving knowledge, we help increase employee appreciation, loyalty, and as a result, productivity. 

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HR Management

We partner with our clients to provide a full range of HR services. Our team’s HR experts provide consulting, implementation, and extended services in all areas of organizational development, benefits, and payroll. We also make sure that all HR compliance issues are taken care of to help you minimize exposure to the legal risks associated with employment law and HR practices.

By outsourcing your company’s HR, you allow yourself to focus your attention on what really matters – growing your business.

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Technology Solutions

The Evergreen team offers businesses expert guidance coupled with technology solutions that help employers create streamlined HR and benefits administration processes to boost efficiency and productivity.

We provide all-inclusive technology solutions for remote enrollment and employee and enrollment management, completely integrating all the various processes into one platform. Manual entry has been found to lead to as much a 50% error margin. By streamlining all your processes, we eliminate the possibility of human error, leading to increased efficiency and significant savings.

It also gives your employees access to all the information they need. With our technology solutions, employees are free to access online HR and benefits information at any time.

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